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So, I have a publication date. 3/12/12. Sounds delicious to my ears. But now in preparation for the big reveal, I’ve been instructed by my publisher to get connected. No, get C-O-N-N-E-C-T-E-D. She told me I needed a Facebook page and that it was absolutely imperative I become a Twit. She also said that if I had any trouble with this assignment, I was to ask the nearest teenager for directions. I’m a little afraid of teenagers, so I bought a book. Social Media for the Sadly, Badly, Madly, Web Challenged…something like that. Very long and detailed (and, if I’m being honest, a bit of a snooze in some spots) and I think the last sentence was  something like: If there is anything within these pages that you don’t understand, ask your nearest teenager. Ack!! Anyway. Exciting stuff. Facebook and Twitter are forthcoming. Website underway. It’s been quite a journey to here.

The other day a friend congratulated me because I’d hung in there. I guess I did. I worked with the incredible Mollie Glick for three years before she agreed to represent me. She rejected my first submission but threw me a lifeline; “If you ever revise this, I’d like to see it again.” I revised it and she liked it better. But then it needed some tightening. Actually it needed to lose half it’s body weight, so I headed into revision #2.  I’m busy, so all that took about three years, but then it was good enough and I was presented with an Agent/Author agreement. And then we were off to the races. It took Mollie just three weeks to sell DANCING, and it went at auction which is beyond fabulous! So, if you’re looking for advice; it’s what you’ve heard your whole life–Never give up. Never!


I’ve been so swamped that I have not kept up with my blog–clearly this is an understatement–but today is the day because I am languishing in rainy, windy Quebec with time on my hands wondering what kind of writer I actually am. I wonder if there is anyone out there who has actually become famous (in a good way) with their first draft, or say less than 10 revisions–I’m just saying. And I’m asking because the process fascinates me. DANCING ON BROKEN GLASS  started out as a question: how strong does love need to be to survive mental illness, pregnancy and cancer, and how would that look on paper? Of course it depends on the players, right? And perhaps an author who knew what she was doing with the story? I didn’t at first, so naturally I made some pretty hairy mistakes. I’ll go into the gory details later when we’re better friends. For now I guess I’ll just say that writing DANCING took me a couple of years which was a blast because I love the unpoliced abandon of creating a story from air and ideas. I love it when those ideas take on a life of their own. That’s why I write. I love playing Mastress of the Universe.  But that takes some discipline, and I realize now, that I’m more like a mom with big plans for a closet full of unruly children, and once I open the door and they all scramble out, I’m shocked when they insist on doing things their way. It probably all sounds a bit skitzy, but if you write, you know what I’m saying.

Tune in next time when I’ll tell you that DANCING started out as a story about 2 sisters and ended up, let’s just say, way different.  Ooops, looks like I told you. Oh well, tune in anyway–gotta run, a thin beam of sunlight has made it through the Canadian cloud cover and I need to go eavesdrop on the French speaking natives. (I’m dying to say oui and merci beaucoup)

Welcome to my new blog. I’m Ka. I write. I hang with writers. My novel, Dancing on Broken Glass, will be published early next year so I thought I’d get a jump on gushing about it. I have a terrific agent, Mollie Glick, with a terrific agency; Foundry. Simon and Schuster is my publisher, actually their Gallery imprint, and Lauren McKenna is my fabulous editor. Closer to home, Mark is my main squeeze and from all that squeezing came four great kids who married four great kids and now are multiplying like crazy. Life is good!

Okay, now to the purpose of this blog–well, first and foremost; shameless self promotion–I want you to buy my book, read my book, and tell everyone you know about my book so they can buy my book, read my book and tell everyone they know about my book.  Secondly–I’d simply like to connect with other writers, my favorite flavor of people.  Advice, happy wishes, and good karma are always welcome… and available upon the asking.  Thirdly–I intend to sort of journal the process of writing/editing/submitting/more editing/finding an agent/revision/selling/ more revision/ultimate acceptance/and publication of Dancing on Broken Glass for anyone who might be interested.