So, I have a publication date. 3/12/12. Sounds delicious to my ears. But now in preparation for the big reveal, I’ve been instructed by my publisher to get connected. No, get C-O-N-N-E-C-T-E-D. She told me I needed a Facebook page and that it was absolutely imperative I become a Twit. She also said that if I had any trouble with this assignment, I was to ask the nearest teenager for directions. I’m a little afraid of teenagers, so I bought a book. Social Media for the Sadly, Badly, Madly, Web Challenged…something like that. Very long and detailed (and, if I’m being honest, a bit of a snooze in some spots) and I think the last sentence was  something like: If there is anything within these pages that you don’t understand, ask your nearest teenager. Ack!! Anyway. Exciting stuff. Facebook and Twitter are forthcoming. Website underway. It’s been quite a journey to here.

The other day a friend congratulated me because I’d hung in there. I guess I did. I worked with the incredible Mollie Glick for three years before she agreed to represent me. She rejected my first submission but threw me a lifeline; “If you ever revise this, I’d like to see it again.” I revised it and she liked it better. But then it needed some tightening. Actually it needed to lose half it’s body weight, so I headed into revision #2.  I’m busy, so all that took about three years, but then it was good enough and I was presented with an Agent/Author agreement. And then we were off to the races. It took Mollie just three weeks to sell DANCING, and it went at auction which is beyond fabulous! So, if you’re looking for advice; it’s what you’ve heard your whole life–Never give up. Never!