Welcome to my new blog. I’m Ka. I write. I hang with writers. My novel, Dancing on Broken Glass, will be published early next year so I thought I’d get a jump on gushing about it. I have a terrific agent, Mollie Glick, with a terrific agency; Foundry. Simon and Schuster is my publisher, actually their Gallery imprint, and Lauren McKenna is my fabulous editor. Closer to home, Mark is my main squeeze and from all that squeezing came four great kids who married four great kids and now are multiplying like crazy. Life is good!

Okay, now to the purpose of this blog–well, first and foremost; shameless self promotion–I want you to buy my book, read my book, and tell everyone you know about my book so they can buy my book, read my book and tell everyone they know about my book.  Secondly–I’d simply like to connect with other writers, my favorite flavor of people.  Advice, happy wishes, and good karma are always welcome… and available upon the asking.  Thirdly–I intend to sort of journal the process of writing/editing/submitting/more editing/finding an agent/revision/selling/ more revision/ultimate acceptance/and publication of Dancing on Broken Glass for anyone who might be interested.